How to take care of your jewelry

We pride ourselves on the quality of our hand-crafted jewelry and the high standard of our know-how, and our customers’ satisfaction is important to us.

Tzuri Gueta jewelry is made of silicone and textile (viscose or silk).

Tzuri Gueta jewelry is guaranteed for one year subject to normal use of the product. (See below for recommendations on how to care for your jewelry.) If the product you purchased is defective in any way, you may contact our team by telephone at 33 (0)1 43 58 56 03 or by email: [email protected]


Every piece of jewelry comes with a guarantee card. Be sure to present or enclose the card along with your jewelry if you are notifying us of a problem.

In some instances, jewelry repairs may be possible even after the one-year guarantee has expired, depending on the condition the piece is in. Contact our team for further information.

Whenever after-sales service is requested, we prepare an estimate specifying the cost of the repair, if there is a charge, and any shipping expenses that may be incurred, and indicating the turnaround time. The customer is informed of the estimated price and time frame by email or telephone within 72 hours.

Our jewelry will give longer-lasting enjoyment if properly used and cared for. To get the most out of your Tzuri Gueta jewelry, keep in mind the following tips:

–       Avoid contact with water in performing your everyday activities. Remove jewelry prior to washing hands, swimming, showering, using cleaning products, etc.

–       Avoid wearing your Tzuri Gueta jewelry – sautoirs, or long rope-style necklaces, in particular – together with pieces of metal jewelry, as they could be damaged by the links of a chain. Similarly, Velcro adhesive strips are likely to cause irreparable damage to the fabric component of Tzuri Gueta jewelry.

–       To open a piece of jewelry with a magnetic closure, do not pull on the ends. Snap the piece open with a downward movement as if to break it in two.

–       The jewelry can be cleaned occasionally if necessary. Just soak it in mild soapy water for a few minutes and let it air-dry.

–       You are strongly advised to store your Tzuri Gueta jewelry away from direct light, variations in temperature and smoke.

–       Silicone-fed lace is a shape-memory material, that is, one that “remembers” its original shape. Tzuri Gueta jewelry should be stored flat to maintain its shape and prevent it from becoming distorted.

–       If the fabric frays or unravels slightly, trim the thread closely, then apply a drop of clear nail polish.

–       Aside from this type of operation to stop thread from fraying, do not attempt to repair your Tzuri Gueta jewelry using an instrument or with glue. This would damage the silicone and make any repair in the workshop impossible.