Tzuri Gueta holds a patent for silicone-injected lace. The interchange between textiles and silicone gives rise to unusual, arresting collections of accessories and jewelry.

Nature, the ocean depths and the plant world provide the inspiration for these pieces. Surprisingly light-weight, they are comfortable, easy to wear and versatile – as suitable for casual wear as they are for special occasions. Every piece of jewelry catches the light and begs to be touched.

In addition to his regular collections, Tzuri Gueta creates one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry on the borderline of art.

“For me, silicone is an ideal material for jewelry. It hugs the body’s contours and absorbs its heat. I like the disconcerting confusion it provokes between the way it looks and the way it feels to the touch.”

“I designed these pieces to be as surprising as possible: some of the jewelry is massive, other pieces stand out for their incredible shades or the use of a particularly sophisticated technique. Our expertise in textiles and our procedure of combining silicone with lace enable us to constantly push back the boundary between jewelry and clothing.”