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Oursin Brooch

Like the globular sea urchin whose name it bears, the Oursin brooch is redolent of the ocean depths. Weaar it with the Oursin bracelet and the Oursin earrings.

Corail Brooch

The Corail brooch brings to mind the sea anemones in which clown fish take shelter. It goes well with the Flotendo necklace or the Flotendo bracelet.

Flotendo bracelet

What’s most surprising about this versatile bracelet is how light-weight it is. It goes perfectly with either the Flotendo or the Flotendo XL necklace and the Corail brooch.

Grappe bracelet

A cluster of silicone beads so luscious they could be mistaken for a bunch of grapes or even litchis. Perfect when worn with the Grappe necklace and the Boule brooch.

Colonne Bracelet

The Colonne bracelet is one of our key pieces. With its wild, rock’n’roll style, it goes well with tamer pieces.

Flora bracelet

The delicate lace of the Flora bracelet is edged with silicone and discloses all its secrets. It gives your wrist that designer touch. This bracelet is perfect with the Flora necklace.

Oursin Earrings

SThe playful Oursin earrings feature the same sea urchins as the Oursin bracelet and make a perfect set.

Corail Ring

The tiny flowers seem to sway with the current. The Corail ring is perfect with the Corail bracelet.