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Boule ring

The Boule ring is one of the brand’s iconic models. It is understated and goes well with any type of jewelry, especially sautoir necklaces.

Boule XL ring

The Boule XL ring looks like a pompom. It’s a playful, eye-catching piece that suits any occasion. It goes perfectly with our sautoir necklaces.

Corail ring

The tiny flowers seem to sway with the current. The Corail ring is perfect with the Corail bracelet.

Jungle Ring

The Jungle ring brings to mind the ocean depths. With its underwater-inspired design, it goes well with the Oursin bracelet and Clochettte earrings.

Toi et Moi Ring

Silicone-injected lace forms two intertwined branches in this delicate, romantic ring. It goes beautifully with Text earrings.