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I recently attended the Necklace Bar, an event organized to present Tzuri Gueta’s special Christmas and New Year’s collection where, around a table piled with cup cakes, I discovered this outstanding artist, designer, craftsman, scientist and explorer and his amazing creations.

In a world of poetry and fantasy, underwater voyages and coral reefs, the artist has created incredible collections of jewelry and decorative objects:

  • pillows
  • lianas
  • sculptures
  • lamps
  • bead curtains
  • sautoir necklaces
  • rings
  • short necklaces
  • brooches
  • window design for the Musée des Arts Décoratifs
  • interior decoration for the Town Hall restaurant in London and Beresheet Hotel in Israel

He has also worked in collaboration with leading haute couture designers such as Chanel, Givenchy, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Dior, Clarisse Hiéraix, Stéphane Rolland and Yiqing Yin, and with the costume designers of the films Beauty and the Beast (2014), starring Lea Seydoux and The Three Musketeers (2011), starring Milla Jokovich.

See my March 31, 2015 post on the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit with the famous mermaid outfit.

Tzuri Gueta’s career – where art, design and science meet

A graduate of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Ramat Gan, Israel, the designer and textile engineer Tzuri Gueta has been based in Paris since 1996. Growing up on the shores of the Mediterranean, he was in direct contact with nature, and his work reflects his roots.  After a stint at Trend Union, a trend forecasting agency run by Li Edelkoort, he began to focus on textile design. He sought to break out of the conventions of the trade by combining traditional handiwork with innovative techniques. This approach gave rise to surprising materials on the borderline with sculpture — materials that deceive the senses of touch and vision. Using openwork textile, he invented a technique of blowing silicone into lace, for which he registered a patent in 2005.


Here are the new collections now available in the shop located under the arches of the Viaduct near the Bastille:

  • Adna – textile panels, design objects and jewelry:
    • boule ring
    • earrings
    • pendant
    • sautoir necklace
  • Jaj – in reference to Moroccan blown glass:
    • cuff
    • bracelet
    • ring
    • earrings
    • choker
    • short necklace
    • sautoir necklace
  • Méridines – in reference to wood craftsmanship in Morocco:
    • short necklace
    • sautoir necklace
    • pendant
    • necktie necklace
    • bib necklace
  • Zabadia – related to the earth and pottery:
    • choker necklace in the form of clusters
    • scarf necklace
    • necktie necklace
    • bead sautoir necklace
    • sea urchin bracelet
    • earrings
    • ring
  • Sila – in reference to the values of conviviality, sharing with friends:
    • pendant
    • bracelet
    • brooch
    • earrings, etc.
  • Sculptures:
    • coral
    • bubble, algae, romanesco broccoli
  • Lianas
    • moss, drop or coral,
    • rain drop

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