Tzuri Gueta grew up near the seashore in direct contact with the natural elements, and his creations reflect his roots. His is a world of dreamlike and magical ocean depths. replete with corals, petals, buds, corollas, lianas and more.

After graduating with a degree in textile engineering from Shenkar College near Tel Aviv, Gueta settled in Paris and worked at Li Edelkoort’s Trend Union agency. He went on to focus on textile design, combining traditional gestures with innovative techniques. For almost twenty years now Tzuri Gueta has been collaborating with the major names in Haute Couture—the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Stephane Rolland, Givenchy, Christian Dior, Balmain and Thierry Mugler—creating textiles and accessories that border on sculpture.

In his quest for materials, one encounter was to prove particularly decisive: silicone, which became his material of choice. This resin, composed essentially of silica, has extraordinary properties of solidity and flexibility. By combining it with openwork textile materials, Tzuri Gueta invented a sophisticated technique that he called silicone lace, for which he filed a patent in 2005. The unique materials he has developed using this technique are fluid and mysterious, and many people are taken aback, as what they see is at odds with how the object feels to the touch.

Discover the artisanal technique of Tzuri Gueta

Using a complex technological process, Gueta injects polymeric substances that pass through the fabric, creating an abundance of diverse and colorful textures. The softness and elasticity of silicone enable him to create organic environments and countless textures that mimic nature. One thing blends into the other and grows in poetic harmony, emanating from an elaborate combination of volume, material and intense colors ranging from bright red to pearl white and including translucent, clear and opaque.

The innumerable facets of this combination offer him an unexpected field for exploration that began with textile creation and has led him to jewelry, design objects and art.




Awarded the Prix Créateur by the Ateliers d’art de France Foundation.


Awarded the Grand Prix de la Création by the City of Paris.
Awarded the Andrea M. Bronfman Prize for the Arts (The Andy)


Awarded first prize for the most innovative and most creative collection of accessories at Pitti Imagine show, Milan.



Nox Art Gallery – Tel Aviv


Platform L — Seoul Art Gallery

2013 – 2014

Noces Végétales exhibition at Natural History Museum, Paris


SI51, Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art, Israel