Privacy policy

1. General Provisions

This policy sets out the manner in which Tzuri Gueta uses and protects information you give when using our website and products/services. We commit to ensure protection of your privacy. Any piece of information collected on our website that allows to identify you falls within the scope of this policy.
We guarantee the security of your personal data. In order to prevent non authorised access or disclosure of such data, we have established physical and electronic procedures to secure any online collection of information.

2. Collected Data

Private customers choosing to visit our website can be asked to provide contact information such as name, address, email address, and other useful information to contact them.
Business customers choosing to visit our website and use our products or services can be asked to provide contact and identity information such as company name, address, email address, VAT number, and basic contact information.

3. Use of Your Personal Information

We may use the information provided by you:

  • To check your identity and the accuracy of the information given.
  • Improve our customer service / the quality of the products and services we offer.
  • Make the online experience safer and apply our terms and conditions.
  • Send you information about our products/service updates.
  • Solve potential issues.
  • Send you promotional offers and marketing campaigns.
  • We do not sell or rent your personal data to third parties.
  • We may share your personal information to third parties in the following cases, always in application of our terms and conditions:
  • To delivery companies for transportation and shipping of our products.
  • To third parties if disclosure is required by law.
  • To ensure the application of our terms and conditions, protect our copyright, the property or security of Tzuri Gueta or others. That could include information exchange with other companies or organisations acting for protection against fraud and limitation of credit risk.

4. How Long is Data Stored?

Personal data collected on our website from private or corporate viewers are stored for :

  • 5 years after the last visit on our platform if no account was created
  • 1 year after account closure, except in case of breach of our Terms & Conditions, the law, copyright or security of Tzuri Gueta. If such breach is noticed, data will be stored for a minimum of 2 years.

Viewers can access, modify or delete personal information at any time (to the exception of the user name which remains unchanged). The website administrator can also amend this information.

5. Link to Other Websites

The website can contain links to other websites. Silka Design has no control over those websites, and cannot be liable for their content nor their privacy and security practices. Please refer to their own privacy policy and terms & conditions when browsing on those linked websites.


The website uses cookies, which is a common practice on all websites.

1. What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files located on your computer and other mobile devices (smartphones or Ipads) to collect browsing preferences. They increase efficiency of our website and improve your online buying experience.

2. Collected Information

Most cookies collect information on browsing and buying tendencies of people accessing the website through the same computer or device. This includes information about viewed pages, products bought, and visit on our website. However we do not use cookies to collect or store any data relating to your name, address or contact details. Tzuri Gueta can use cookies to check customers’ browsing and buying pattern but third parties cannot identify clients through cookies.

3. Who Defines Cookies?

Cookies are defined by Tzuri Gueta and are necessary to allow online buying experience. No third parties collect personal information that could allow identification of clients.

4. How to Deactivate Cookies?

To deactivate cookies, you need to modifiy your browser settings.
The way to do so may vary from browser to browser. We have detailed the steps for the most common ones.

On Microsoft Internet Explorer:
1. Go to the Tool menu then Internet Options
2. Select the Privacy tab
3. Select Settings, and move up to block all cookies or down to allow all cookies, then press OK.

On Mozilla Firefox:
1. Go to the Tool menu then Options
2. In the Options box, select Privacy
3. In the Firefox drop-down menu, select Use Custom Settings for history
4. Press on Allow website cookies to uncheck or block, then press OK.

On Google Chrome:
1. Open your browser, then click on the settings symbol that shows in the top right corner.
2. From the menu, select Settings.
3. On the Settings page, select Advanced.
4. In the Privacy and security section, press on Content settings.
5. Press on Cookies, and select Block on the right.

5. What Happens if I Block Cookies?

It depends on the type of cookies you allow or block. Generally speaking the site may not function properly if cookies are blocked. If you only block third party cookies, you can still buy from the website. If you block all cookies however, you cannot.