A textile designer by training, Tzuri Gueta explores the most original materials, combining traditional techniques with creative daring. Every season he and his team work with Parisian Haute Couture houses to create original fabrics, jewelry and ornaments.

Chanel, Givenchy, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Dior, Clarisse Hiéraix, Stéphane Rolland and Yiqing Yin are among the renowned fashion designers with whom Gueta regularly collaborates.


“For every item we produce, whether it is a bit of embroidered trim or a whole piece of fabric, we engage in extensive dialogue with the designer. We exchange ideas and sketches in order to sort out all the issues down to the smallest detail. Then comes the production stage in our workshop, which can last until just moments before the fashion show begins.”


Haute couture

« My first steps on the way to becoming a designer involved working in collaboration with Haute Couture houses. I really take a made-to-measure approach in my work for them. We have a very close and personal dialogue: I come with my DNA and my know-how, which I compare to the designer’s inspirations and fuse with them. »

Textile designs

« Textile design is the field I was trained in, the field in which I allow myself to go beyond silicone-fed lace. Not only do I employ all the academic techniques available, I also use the most unexpected ideas.»

Cinema costumes

Tzuri Gueta works also in the cinema costume designs. He has been implied in particular in the costume designs for The Beauty and the Beast (2013) and The Three Musketeer (2013).